Agreement Shall Remain In Force

1.2 A reference to a law is a reference to a law, since it is in force for the time being, taking into account any modification, extension, application or new staging, and contains all the subordinate legal provisions currently in force under the law. Without prejudice to the subcontractors mentioned in the Special Conditions, neither party will yield, yield, debit or process, without the prior written consent of the other party, all or part of that agreement or its rights or obligations. The term “Skilldeal” and/or “Developer” refers to Skilldeal SPRL The agreement as stipulated in the Special Terms and Conditions, including all documents requiring the contracting parties to attach the former, constitutes the single and complete agreement between the contracting parties and replaces all other written or oral agreements between the parties with respect to the object. There are no explicit or tacit alliances, assurances or assurances, other than those expressly mentioned. “Price” is important in point 8.1 of special conditions. Any party executing the contract acts as an independent contractor and not as an employee or agent of the other party, and each party assumes no obligation of any kind, expressed or implied on behalf of the other party, or engages or engages the other party in any way. 1.1 For the purposes of the Terms and Conditions, the following terms and terms have the following meanings, when activated: 2.1 The agreement begins at the signing of the Special Conditions and remains in effect until the previous end (i) of the performance of all services requested by the Developer or (ii) of the previous termination of the contract, as provided below. The structure, validity and execution of the contract are subject to all aspects of Belgian law. All disputes relating to the agreement are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Brussels courts.

The parties agree that the provisions of a non-disclosure agreement reached by the parties will remain fully in effect for the duration of the agreement. “website,” the collection of html pages (Hyper Text Mark-Up Language), Server Pages (ASP, PHP, JSP, ASPX, …), files, images, dynamic information and machine-readable object code, as it exists on the day of this agreement, as well as any future changes and additions of the above data agreed in writing by the parties; 3.3 Developers of substantive rights and foreground rights remain the property of the developer. In particular, the developer still owns all concepts, techniques, specific skills or pre-programmed routines or processes, technologies or codes developed, used or written for the purpose of the agreement and/or part of the developer`s know-how. At the final delivery and if the price is fully paid, the customer will be granted a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the developer of the background rights and the leading rights, as long as it is necessary for the operation of the services of the agreement and their consultation by potential users. “Special Terms,” the document on specific conditions agreed and signed by the contracting parties; “Technical specifications appendix,” the document attached to the special terms and conditions, which contains the design of the site and the related analysis of the features agreed by the parties; The inability of one or more of the parties to fail to comply with any of the provisions of the agreement or to make use of any of its rights under this treaty is not construed as a waiver or waiver of such rights, and the same continues and remains fully in force and indeed.