Aircraft Marketing Agreement

1. The owner hereafter uses and appoints Broker as its sole representative to sell the aircraft described here and the exclusive right to list and solicit offers to purchase for a period of 90 days with mutual renewal between the owner and the broker. This agreement enters into force from that date, May, 2020. This contract continues automatically with the extended terms defined above, until the sale of object aircraft or the termination of the aircraft brokerage contract by the owner or broker takes place. The termination must be made in writing within thirty (30) days of the expiry of this agreement or an extension of this agreement. 5. The owner accepts that, for whatever reason, this list contract is terminated by the owner before the expiry date of the agreement and the sale of the aircraft, the owner must reimburse the broker for the documented costs duly incurred directly related to the sale and marketing of the aircraft. . 13.

This agreement must be construed as having been executed and governed by the laws of the State of Texas. 7. The price of the aircraft`s rating is US$. (a) This owner will allow the inspection and demonstration flight of the aircraft to be carried out by the owner`s crew by all potential buyers at reasonable times and places, provided that the buyer pays for all costs associated with such an inspection and demonstration flight. Manufacturer/model year Serial number/registration 11. All communications to be provided under this agreement are made by authenticated or registered mail addressed to the party in good standing at the address or email listed above. Each party can change this address by written notification to the other. 12.

Compensation. The owner undertakes to protect, compensate and save brokers from any liability, loss or damage that he may suffer on the basis of claims, claims, fees, legal fees or judgments against him because of acts, omissions, breaches, guarantees or assurances of the owner. 2. The person concerned with the aircraft is described as follows (the “aircraft”): b) this broker may use images and descriptions of the aircraft in advertising or other contacts with potential buyers. 10. This agreement is the only agreement of the parties and replaces all previous written or oral agreements between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement. In addition, this agreement will only be amended or amended by written seeds dated after the date of this agreement and executed by all parties. , whose main place of transaction (hereafter referred to as “owner”) and (BROKER NAME) (BROKER ADDRESS) (hereafter referred to as “broker”) are: 6. It is also agreed that the owner will pay the broker the above commission if: (a) any sale of the aircraft is made during the period mentioned above; (b) any offer in good faith rejected by the owner, equal or (c) of any sale of the aircraft within ninety (90) days from the end of this agreement, to persons with whom the broker communicated, attested and/or negotiated his agent or representative during the term of the contract.