Boarding House Agreement Philippines

Hello, I have a problem with my landlord, she wants to repair our pipes, but she insists that I pay for the costs of these repairs, do I really have to pay for it? or it is her duty to do the repairs, because she is the owner of the house and I was only her tenant. Please give me an urgent response…. tnx anyway. Regards! I`m in a situation like, our contract was valid 2 years 1. June 2009, 15k monthly listed in the contract 1mos deposit, 1 month`s rent and 12 months after the cheques dated as a one-year rent… Suddenly, new owners arrived in our place June 28, 2010 and verbally say that we have to evacuate the premises on June 30, 2010 because they owned it now… We have no idea that the previous owner we signed sold the lease to our neighbor. Can the new owner evict us so quickly? What can we do with the old owners… Hello, the owner of my cousins took his personal belongings for non-payment of the house in question. Does the landlord have the right to own property, either to punish a tenant or to extort disputed rents? Please let us know. A pension lender can set rules.

These define all the services offered as well as the use and enjoyment of the facilities. The landlord must indicate at least seven days after the written notification of the rule changes. I would like to find out about the current situation. I rented a house that I gave 2 months and 1 month deposit. The owner told me he would submit a contract, but he did not do so until the problem happened. I started renting in April 2010. April to May 2010 was then paid from May to June. The owner advised that the house was out of stock and we have to leave the house, that he will give a 2 month discount to find another house to rent.

We were frustrated because we all know that it is very difficult to find a new rental house and that the anger of packing/devices is a very stressful thing. I would like to ask if the landlord can give the tenants time to find another home to blame the owners. Thank you very much. If the tenant is still in the unit 15 days after the expiry of the tenancy agreement, neither party has been informed in advance that the contract has been renewed, but with another deadline set by the courts. Hello I just want to know what the legal measure is about my problem now. The apartment I wanted to rent has an advance of 1 month and a deposit of 2 months before I move in.