Contao 3.5 herunterladen

Wenn Sie sich für Contao interessieren, können Sie hier die stets aktuellste Version kostenlos herunterladen. Neben unserem tagesaktuellen Contao Download bieten wir Ihnen auch die Möglichkeit, jederzeit und kostenlos ältere Version des Content Management Systems herunter zu laden. The URL still returns the current Contao package in .tar.gz format and the URL returns the package in .zip format. Besides using the download button on, you have been able to download Contao via the domain since 2012. But now that we have two LTS versions in parallel, we had to adjust the download API. To open the Contao install tool, simply add /contao/install.php to the URL of your Contao installation. Note that the install tool is protected against brute force attacks and will be locked if a wrong password has been entered three times in a row. To remove the lock, open file system/config/localconfig.php in a text editor, find the following line and set it to 0. The URL automatically finds and returns the latest version of the 4.4 series.

This feature is not limited to the LTS versions, but works for every minor version starting with Contao 2.11. Hier finden Sie unseren Contao Download Bereich mit der aktuellsten Contao Version. The URL used to return the LTS version (Contao 3.5), however now that we have two LTS versions (Contao 3.5 and Contao 4.4), the URL is ambigous and has therefore been disabled. The change does not affect installing Contao from the .zip or .tar.gz files via Also, you can still download a particular version as .zip or .tar.gz file by adding the version number to the URL: The Contao standard edition was the predecessor of the Contao managed edition and it is an example of how to add Contao to a Symfony 3 application. Meanwhile both the download button on and the download via return the managed edition, which we recommend everbody to use – except if you are building a custom Symfony application. leofeyer released this Apr 11, 2019 · 1 commit to 3.5 since this release When fixing the tag problem, it was inevitable to adjust the event templates. Therefore, please note the following if you are using custom event templates: If you are running an Apache server and are allowed to use mod_rewrite, you can make Contao generate search engine friendly URLs that look like static HTML documents. A set of default rewrite rules is stored in the .htaccess.default file in the Contao directory.