Travel Agent Commission Agreement Sample

As I said, I am far from a lawyer. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Peter Lobasso (a real lawyer) and Jackie Friedman (President of the Nexion Travel Group) and to my appreciations, who have generously offered their industry expertise! A special thank you also goes to Mark Pestronk, who has provided us with a standard contract that you can use for your own purposes! Thanks three for sharing business secrets (and that I seem 100x smarter than I really am when it comes to travel agency contracts). That`s right. If you have arrived so far, not only am I openly impressed by your attention span, but I am also confident that you will be well equipped to see a host agency – an independent travel agency contract. The length of your contract should be very ambiguous. One kind of contract term is not necessarily better than the other – it depends on what you are looking for. If you are working z.B for the first time with this host and you are not very familiar with them, Peter Lobasso suggested that you should consider starting with a shorter temporary independent travel agency contract (for example. B one year or less). This way, if you have a bad experience, it will be a hard stop to your contractual commitment. In short, error and exit insurance is a policy for travel agencies when a customer sues you for negligence. It does not cover things like booking errors and debit memos (confusing, taking into account the name). Some travel agencies prefer to take the risk rather than take out E-O insurance.

It is not mandatory, but it is important to take into account. For collecting travel booking information from customers. Now what you can expect in an IC travel agency contract. There are also a few things you don`t want to see in a treaty… . some qualities that should alert your spidey sense in. Here are some red flags to watch out for, according to Lobasso: The company offers travel-related services and accommodation, including: the travel agency should keep in good condition all materials and real estate included in this travel agency contract. Not all contracts of independent travel agencies are equal.

Like any business, host agencies vary in size and quantity of resources at their disposal. They may not spend most of their time creating the perfect contract for their ICs. Contracts of independent travel agencies are not a one-off-deal agreement (like hosts!).