Tv Commercial Agreement

Since most small businesses do not have access to sophisticated television production technologies, local channels often allow advertisers to use their facilities to produce their spots. Contractors can borrow time to use the station`s cameras, microphones and processing equipment, as well as trained station staff to complete the project. The station separates production and equipment costs from commercial inventory and will only broadcast product spots when the inserator pays the production costs. A.3.1 Seven.One Media`s offers may change, i.e. they are non-binding and are subject to the availability of the services offered. A.3.2 The contract is concluded only by written acceptance of the offer accepted by the contractor by Seven.One Media or by the provision of the service by Seven.One Media. The contract applies to content confirmed by Seven.One Media, as the contractor has not made a written objection to the content within three business days of receipt. A.3.3 In the case of an agency contract, the information must be indicated by the precise name (name, full address and, on a case-by-case basis, all information that can be requested from Seven.One Media). Seven.One Media has the right to request proof of warrant from the advertising agency. In these cases too, the contractor is the Agency. The invoice will be sent to the agency. If the Agency is a contracting party, at the conclusion of the contract, it cedes its rights to payment to its client under the advertising contract to Seven.One Media, which heresafter accepts the assignment of the debt (assignment as collateral) and is entitled to notify the Agency`s client if the debt is not met within one month of the due date.

A.3.4 For agency bookings, Seven.One Media reserves the right to also forward booking confirmations to the Agency`s customer. A.3.5 The combination of multiple advertisers in a commercial or advertising format (known as association advertising) is subject to the explicit written consent of Seven.One Media. The information must be named. Seven.One Media has the right to impose a 20% (20 per cent) increase for two advertisers and 30 per cent [30 per cent for three or more advertisers]. A.3.6 To the extent that these CGs refer to program structures/plans, price groups or price lists of television channels and/or Seven.One Media, these are considered to be part of these CGs. The contractor confirms receipt of these documents prior to the conclusion of the contract. “margin-bottom:16px” style >B.4.2 The requirement to store materials and broadcast copies ends with the final distribution of the advertisement. Seven.One Media is authorized to delete broadcast material 20 days after the last broadcast. B.4.3 At the time of the submission of the copy, the contractor is obliged to provide Seven.One Media with all the information necessary for the processing of payments to the GEMA (Deutsche Gesellschaft for Musikalische und Mechanische Verrielf-ltigungsrechte) or to other collective management companies; in particular information about the producer, publisher, composer, LC number, songwriter, title and length of advertising music.