Us Australia Social Security Agreement

The agreement does not affect the treatment of diplomats and consular officials under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic and Consular Relations. (a) the calculation of that person`s income under Australian social security legislation, but this calculation does not take into account the New Zealand benefits or benefits received by that person and, if so, any national pension covered in paragraph 7; (i) legislation relating to the general scheme (including voluntary social security) and special schemes (excluding provisions for civil servants or persons treated as such) of the social security system with respect to the following benefits: 7. The reference to paragraph 6 of a payment to a person`s partner under Australian law is a reference to the payment of an annuity , the benefit or allowance that must be paid in accordance with Australia`s social security laws, whether payable under this agreement or in some other way. laws, regulations and other general acts relating to the social security sub-branches within the scope of this complementary agreement (Article 2, paragraph 1, point a); The Department notes that, since the signing of the Agreement, the legislation of both parties has been amended, which has an impact on the interpretation and implementation of the Agreement. 4. Where a person outside Australia is entitled to an Australian benefit under this agreement, the amount of that benefit does not include an additional benefit or allowance, unless it is paid to a person outside Australia, in accordance with the Australian Social Security Act. 6. To the extent that disclosure is not required and is authorized by the legislation of both parties, any information about a person transmitted to a person by the competent authority or by a competent institution of the other contracting party under this agreement is confidential and can only be used for the purposes of the application of this agreement and the social security law of one of the two parties. Party. The Italian Embassy is honoured to confirm that the above is acceptable to the Government of the Italian Republic and that the Department`s notification and this response are jointly an agreement between the Government of the Italian Republic and the Government of Australia, which enters into force on the effective date of the agreement.