Ventura College Transfer Agreements

A articulation agreement between a high school and a community school allows high school students to obtain a community school for an accredited high school class if the student receives a “C” or better grade. Community college classes also carry either CSU (California State University) or UC (University of California) transferable credit or both, depending on the class. The articulation of the high school means that a student does not have to repeat the same content at the community school that he once studied in high school. Vision: Wiley College promotes an intellectually stimulating environment that promotes and supports intellectual, ethical and moral development, appreciation of the arts, global awareness and concern for the common good in the global society in which it exists. Our college, committed to the principles of access to education and educational opportunities, serves traditional and non-traditional students, with different academic, social, geographical, economic, cultural and religious backgrounds, which show the desire and learning potential in a Christian environment sensitive to the innumerable needs of students. Articulation is the key to success when you go to the bachelor`s degree. Articulation is the process of developing a formal, written agreement that identifies courses (or course sequences) on a “transmitter” campus that are comparable or acceptable to certain course requirements on a “receiving” campus. Articulation agreements are links that allow students to move from a community school to a university without experiencing a delay or doubling of course work. Joint courses at Ventura College (VC) are those that are considered equivalent or comparable to courses by a receiving university. Completion of an articulation course for a main subject, a wide range of general education, bachelor`s transfer units or a preparatory course for higher secondary education allows students to complete an admission to higher education, complete a lower main preparation and/or meet the graduation requirements. Ventura College has articulation agreements with the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU), as well as regionally accredited private and extra-state colleges.

In 1962, Ventura County voters authorized the creation of a Community College District, separate from any other public school. Ventura College is now a comprehensive community college serving a diverse population of university graduates and adult students pursuing a wide range of transfer, career and education goals.