What Is A Spay Neuter Agreement

Spay/Neuter`s low-cost services are available through Spay, Inc., a subsidiary of the SpCA of Northern Virginia. For more information, please contact Spay, Inc. at www.spay.org. Spay/kaster provisions are in breeder contracts for a reason. For a lot of good reasons, actually. Talk to your veterinarian and breeder about any concerns you have. Ask for the dog`s parents` health certificates and papers. Ask about genetics and bloodline. By carefully controlling the canine population and deliberately relying on health outcomes, we can contribute to the well-being of our popular dog companions. The permanent ownership of this dog depends on compliance with this Spay/Neuter agreement.

Get proof of Spay/Neutermus within 6 months of receiving your puppy at Lakefront Labradoodles LLC. Anyway, as the owner of a 5-month-old puppeteer, I go to spaying according to the age of a dog, and we try to read our puppets before their first heat. It is less likely to see certain cancers, but also an increased risk for other diseases. vetmed.illinois.edu/zeuterin-the-non-surgical-alternative-to-neutering/ Whatever the reason for the rehoming, the coach wants to be informed. Even if your adult dog is going to live with another loving family or close friend, the breeder will still want to know about any change of ownership. I agree that the pet described above will be modified no later than (date) by a licensed veterinarian of my choice. I recognize that I am responsible for all spay/Neuter costs for my pet and that the Forever-Home Rescue Foundation takes no responsibility for these costs. In case the operation is not performed, Lakefront Labradoodles LLC must be provided with a statement from your veterinarian that this dog is not yet in a physical or emotional state for an operation. Based on the assessment of the dog`s veterinarian, PURCHASER will contact the veterinarian and set the date closest to the procedure. PURCHASER will provide written information to Lakefront Labradoodles LLC on this date, on that date all other terms of this contract will apply and will be applied.