Lift Maintenance Agreements

Your maintenance contract can be used to reduce future repair costs for elevator supplements. And the purchasing power is maximized while you are in the maintenance market. Project and system documentationThis is a good practice to obtain copies of all the store`s design prints, diagrams and designs as well as copies of proprietary software discs used for your system, that you intend to use the manufacturer for long-term maintenance. All types of events (for example. B mergers, moves or new management teams) could prevent a relationship with a maintenance contractor, even if that relationship was good. Access to system software is essential because much of it is proprietary. Upgrades can be particularly difficult to install without them. It is important to make these arrangements during the selection and negotiation of the system before entering into a contract. The hourly rate for elevator mechanics must be negotiated in advance and added to the maintenance contract. This strategy will reduce hourly costs and reduce the total cost of repairs for the life of the elevator contract.

Any elevator maintenance contract has exclusions. Make sure the excluded components are clearly defined. Excluded items result in unexpected elevator bills. ElevatorsIn most new construction projects, the elevator contractor works as a subcontractor to the general contractor. On the basis of this relationship, the customer of the elevator company is, before the end of the project, the general contractor to whom the turnover of elevator equipment is carried out. The following features are of particular interest for the operation and maintenance of new elevators and extensive borders and renovations. We then organized the data based on location, type of coverage and type of building to give you a quick calculation of the cost of elevator maintenance in your building. Elevator maintenance is an essential part of elevator ownership. As an elevator owner, you have a legal responsibility to maintain and maintain your elevator products. In addition, preventative elevator maintenance helps keep your elevator in optimal condition, reducing outages, reducing operating costs and, overall, a more reliable elevator.

When repairing and maintaining elevators, safety must always be a top priority, closely followed by the necessary standards and regulations.