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Can you honestly tell me, or anyone you loveyou’re living your dream life? If you can, then I congratulate you! If you can’t, let’s figure out why that is before we start getting mopey. There has to be a reason, right? As the world’s population progressively changes, more of us are becoming aware of the amount of power we as individuals have. We’re learning that we’re more in control of our lives than we’d realized. This is great news for many of us because, just like religion did, this knowledge of internal, independent, power is spreading. Less and less of us are left in the shadows about world events and where our money goes. We’re all waking up, so to speak, so how do we bring our dreams to life?

What Do You Want in Your Waking Life?

Whether you’re sleeping or awake, what do you value the most? What do you expect out of your life? There is no right or wrong answer, this is your life. Do you crave money, luxury cars, vacation homes, or fame? Do you wish for happiness, love, comfort, or stability? A little of both? None of the above?

Think about it and take it very seriously. You want to live your “dream” life, so we need to figure out what your dream consists of, to a T. All the little details matter, so map them out! If you’re lazy (like I am) but have good, recollective memory, display everything on your mental projector clearly, please!

If you’re having a hard time coming up with anything because I’ve put you on the spot, don’t worry! We’ll walk through some wishlist ideas together.

Some of the most common, money-oriented dreams consist of some of the following, whether in excess or not:
  • abundant, financial wealth
  • a super-cool car, truck, bike, or many of them
    • perhaps an RV, so you can travel and live comfortably
  • an elegant home, possibly even more than one (such as vacation or seasonal homes)
    • furniture and decorations for your home, maybe some custom woodwork, unique paintings, and other art
    • a jacuzzi, hot tub, and/or pool
    • a yard, a pasture (perhaps for livestock), a garden
    • top-notch appliances
    • pets (maybe you’ve never been able to afford to care for them before)
    • solar panels (so you can save money on your electric bill)
  • shoes, clothes, accessories, makeup
    • work shoes, lounge shoes, summer shoes,
    • hats, scarves, watches, jewelry, purses, totes
    • all the different types of underwear you love, beautiful outfits (meant for a special occasion) that you can wear whenever (and wherever) you want, silk pajamas, luxury robes, the warmest winter jacket
    • (did you know?) you can have makeup tattooed on if you can handle the pain and afford retouches
  • beauty (this goes beyond makeup, extending to hair and body parts as well)
    • cosmetic surgery — you can do more than get makeup tattooed on you
      • implants, transplants, you name it; if you want it done, you can get it done
    • spa days
      • hair color, full body masks and wraps, manicures, pedicures, massages
    • gaining access to places you’d normally have to reserve a spot for 10 years ahead of time (10 years is an over-exaggeration)
      • get into the hottest clubs and restaurants
        • maybe even own those places
      • meet models and celebrities
        • fame might be a little more within your reach
Wishes Based on Feelings Might Include:
  • little-to-no stress or hard work(this is my own, personal dream)
    • not having to wake up before 8 a.m.
    • not being late
    • not failing
    • not having to work hard “for nothing,” meaning having to pay out most of what you make
  • a romantic relationship
    • get involved in one
    • improve your existing one
    • gain the courage and strength to end a toxic one
    • have, foster, or adopt a child
  • platonic and familial relationships
    • gaining the courage to engage new people
    • getting to know existing family members better
    • getting along with current friends and family better
    • being able to pamper and spoil loved ones
      • being able to buy them cars and houses
      • being able to care for them in any way they need

Both the material and emotional lists could go on for much longer than I allowed them to, but I feel we’ve covered a fair amount of bases. Did any of those sound familiar to you? Have you ever wished for, desired, wanted any of those things?

I’m here to make you aware of the fact that you can bring as many of these dreams to reality as you truly want!

“No way!” Yes, way! You aren’t going to achieve any of this by wishing upon a star, like I grew up believing. Well, I grew up believing I had to wish and work hard. I’ve only recently learned that I was stunting my own progress by doing that. When you really want something, you do have to work hard to get it… just not in the sense we’re used to hearing.

Most of us have grown up believing we need to work long hours, with few or no breaks, in order to know comfort. When we work those long hours with no rest, we lose what comfort we did have. That’s the opposite effect we desired, isn’t it? Why does that happen? We were under the impression that if we worked those hard weeks while we could, we’d reap the benefits in the future. Did you know that adds extreme stress to both your body and mind?

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice all your comfort right now in hopes of a comfortable future. 

You don’t have to anymore. With us, you’ll quickly learn how to get where you want in life… starting now! Check out everything we have to offer.

For starters, set your priorities straight. Find a job you don’t hate. We’re not guaranteed a specific amount of days to live. We’re making an effort to avoid early death by leading healthy lifestyles. Too many of us aren’t aware of how important it is to not overwork our bodies in order to live healthy, ideal lives. Dream lives.

In your dream life, are you working from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., 5 or 6 days a week?

Do you accumulate holiday, sick, and personal time (or pay), refusing to cash it in unless it’s absolutely necessary? Ideally, would you be losing time with your family in order to cash in a few more work hours? Have your goal deadlines extended, over and over?

If you’re able to refuse overtime, do it. Use that time to stay at home and rewire your brain for true happiness and success. Use that time to spend time with your family. Use that time to work on your attainable goals. But don’t stress about any of it. Don’t allow it in.

When you aren’t happy with your life and you keep wishing for things to get better, you’re slowly blocking off all entryways for happiness. If you work and tell yourself you can’t enjoy life until you’re older, your mind will eventually believe it and send that signal to the rest of yourself.

Negative signals (and thoughts) turn into negative, external energy.

Have you ever gotten so worked up about something internally that you’ve noticed an immediate physical change in yourself? For instance, my nerves have gotten so worked up in the past that my entire body has shaken. It would always start with my fingers and hands, then it would travel to my thighs, knees, legs, etc. Within a few minutes, my whole body would be vibrating, in a way. I say vibrating because the shaking wasn’t extremely noticeable. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who ever noticed it unless I was holding an object or beside someone. But I kind of felt like a human jackhammer! Seems a little crazy, I guess, but an older family member confided in me their own similar story of bodily vibrations. Not knowing what to do, I just rode those storms out.

Then, I began removing myself from the environment that my mind or body interpreted to be negative. (I only left if I could think of a reason I might feel so negatively there). If I didn’t feel safe to drive, I secluded myself in a safe place. After a few more times, not knowing what to do, I started growing angry.

My energy became negative. I became more aggressive, more impatient, greedy, and other not-so-great things. I had exposed my brain to too much internal and external negativity. The toll was on my compassionate character. I didn’t know what to do about it, though! I figured my energy was happening because I wanted to have more money, to get out and survive on my own, and nothing seemed to work out for me. I worked a job for over four years and didn’t get anywhere with it. Not even a managerial position. I started becoming real nasty and I apparently couldn’t tolerate very many people!

I needed to rewire my brain. So, I found a way. I started browsing around for perfect exercises for myself. I listened to relaxation music, alpha brain waves and such. I bought a lot adult coloring books. I even got a pet. Nothing seemed to really help me, though. I still found myself collapsing into bed, after working my second job, each night, wondering if I’d ever have a house or a job I deserved.

The program I found brought up the Law of Attraction.

I realized I was doing good things and hoping for good things in return. This isn’t what we’re supposed to do if we want to be wealthy, successful, and happy. Hoping isn’t being proactive in our own happiness. That’s how we get walked all over, being convinced to pick up extra shifts and work weekends. Hoping is us, wishing at work, that we could be spending that moment with a loved one. I was hoping to keep working and be able to feel like I was with my family. I was only able to do one thing, not both! I desired to change my reality in a way that I could see my family more. I had to make that happen. So I rewired my brain with the aid of our affiliate program. Some of us need a little more help than others, in order to believe we can reach our goals. I found the help I needed!

It took a little time, but I started watching positive things start manifesting in my own life. I never thought I’d leave my job of almost five years… and I did. First, I quit my second job, because I found a better second job, with a better boss. About two weeks into my new job, I was offered a full-time position — just what I needed.

I quit my long-term, part-time job! At first, I was terrified. I stayed up at night, tossing and turning, dreaming of my old job. I then began listening to different sounds that helped produce more of a calm within my brain. Then, I started having more positive dreams. I was becoming aware, in my subconscious, that my dreams were manifesting into reality! I couldn’t have been more excited. I kept working hard, and for once, it didn’t feel like work. I graduated from cosmetology school and I don’t do hair, at all. I picked up a job I had no background knowledge in and I loved it! I worked normal, Monday through Friday hours and had the weekends free to do whatever I wanted! 

I spent time with my family again! I was finally starting to feel normal and at ease. I cleared all of my debt. I didn’t have to be at work before 8 a.m. anymore! (Remember that goal, up above?!)

I not only left the dead-end jobs I had behind, I started moving forward. I don’t worry anymore. I don’t stress. I do what I love and I love what I do!


You can, too! Seriously, just think about it. Re-evaluate your list. Determine what is and isn’t important, immediately, and do something about it! We’ve got your back, and you’re on the right track!

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