Mural License Agreement

There are different types of accounts. Details and prices for all account types are available at The contracting parties acknowledge that the restrictions and exclusions in Section 11 and elsewhere in this agreement have been negotiated and that the agreement between the parties, on the basis of the perceived level of risk, is related to their respective obligations under this agreement and payments made under this agreement. Without limiting the universality of the above, the parties recognize and agree on: (a) the provisions of this agreement restrict liability, warranties or consequential damages or other damages or remedies are dissociable and independent of the other provisions and are imposed as such regardless of a breach of purpose and (b) all limitations of liability, warranty exclusions and exclusions for consecutive damages or other damages or remedies remain, according to their respective conditions, fully effective and enforceable, including in circumstances resulting in an exclusive remedy for failure. Murals are digital visual containers. They are two-dimensional canvases that are defiant and zoomable. Murals may contain images, links to web content, links to files/documents, and text that can be freely arranged on the screen. Each element of a mural has a link that can be implemented together. The mural itself is divisible. The mural designer can invite others (by email, MURAL username or by creating a special link) to work together or look at a mural. If you share your mural by creating only links to the view, users who access this link can only view the content and explore links/files/documents. 3.2 Licensed customer content.

For the purpose of authorizing the Customer to publish an image on the subscription service, the MURAL customer grants a worldwide license, free, non-exclusive and non-transferable for the use, brand, modification, distribution, transfer and display of the customer`s content only in connection with the provision of the subscription service to the customer and the performance of MURAL`s obligations under this agreement. Letter of the letter agreement model of the agreement between the artist and the mural pattern. These conditions constitute the whole agreement between you and us regarding the use of the Services and reject all prior or simultaneous agreements and agreements between you and us regarding the purpose of this Agreement.