What is Manifestation?

What is Manifestation?
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What is manifestation? How do we achieve it? Does this process happen organically or through reflective study?

If you’re like me, this question unfolds into many subsequent questions that seem impossible for me to answer directly myself! We’ve heard all about manifesting reality, but what the heck does that phrase even mean, honestly?

There are many different definitions for manifestation. The simplest and most relevant to us is that manifestation is something (like a happening, an item, etc.) that clearly resembles or displays an abstract idea (such as a thought or theory) physically.

So, after learning that, we understand that manifesting reality is creating our own reality. If we want to have a good day, despite our battle with depression, we have to manifest something positive, right? Let’s learn a little more about the history of manifestation and what it can do for us in the present.

The word manifestation first rolled off our tongues in English-form around 1375-1425, during the late Middle-English time period, converted from its original Latin form.

Another way to look at this word is that manifestation can be the public display of emotion (feelings) or something theoretical made real. In that sense, you’re manifesting tears from sorrow and pigs being passengers on planes is the manifested form of pigs flying!

It seems to be that manifestation is often held hostage by its selective meanings. The religious, or spiritual, origin of the word is where all adaptations of its meanings have branched from. Documents from the past state that when something spiritual became real, it was spiritual a manifestation. (Such as angelic visitations and healings). When stretched and adopted by other cultures, the word has become important in nearly all aspects of many human lives.

That brings me back to my question of what is manifestation (other than a slippery term that we as human beings struggle to comprehend the true meaning of)?

Does it affect all of us? If so, how? How is manifestation perceived by the majority of us, as human beings? Is it an outward force that brings all our biggest fears and greatest hopes to life? Or is it something from the inside that we project outwardly into our reality? Is it possible that we could, in point of fact, actually be a result of our own manifestations?

The human race has, for an insurmountable amount of time, struggled with our understanding of the world around us. We’ve tried to find our places in its vastness, among our fellow homo sapiens. We’ve tried retreating to our own private islands for solace from the bustling, confusing world at large. We understand the basics and we grow close to understanding how a lot of things work, which would’ve been impossible centuries ago. But what is it about the power of perception and manifestation that we can’t seem to get just right? Why aren’t we all wealthy and insanely successful if we wake up and chant affirmations?!

Many of us are almost always in a constant state of flux. Shifting from one thought to the next, moving from one location to the next, and almost never truly happy with where we are at that moment. We wish we could be elsewhere at the same time.

If there is one universal truth it is that, as humans, we are pretty darn hard to please! This lack of pleasure leads to impatience and intolerance for others. Why do you think some of us admire Canadians so much, eh? They usually seem pretty pleased, don’t they? Polite and peaceful, pleasant folk are nice to know!

Manifestation is, quite literally, the real answer to many of the questions we have floating around in our heads. It’s the decimal in Pi, but it’s also the realization that you, at the age of 33, want to buy a taco stand. It’s all of these things and more.

Manifestation is the realization or the materialization of something internal that we project into actually being. Put in simpler terms, the concept is mind over matter, you get out what you put in, and all the likes. The concept is the same at the end of the day… Your life is what you to make it. Not what you hope for. Not what you wish for and never receive.

You have the power to change something you don’t like into something you can appreciate. Why do some of us believe it’s silly or childish to manifest your own, positive reality? Have you been duped into some “heal yourself with hamburgers” scheme? We’ve all probably bought into things that didn’t work before. But was it user error or just a scam? If it was a scam, shame on those deceptive people. Sometimes, we don’t put enough real, mental effort into the things we try, though!

The body and mind, when in unison, are capable of powerful things. So why not buy that taco stand? Why not go for that big promotion? Why not keep struggling to achieve what you want without results? Really.

Why don’t we take this opportunity to make things better now?

Why do we delay gratification when we could be tapping into our real potential and manifesting our perfect situation now? Why worry about whether we’re good enough or get mired down in self-doubt?

Didn’t it feel good as a child, believing anything was possible? That we are, in fact, capable of wonderful things just through our sheer determination and willpower? What made you stop believing that? Do you feel that belief burning in your belly again, yet? You should!

Are we not the masters of our own fates?” Personally, I think the Bard, William Shakespeare was onto something when he coined that phrase in his infamous work, Julius Caesar, written in 1599.
As difficult as it may seem to be to believe in anything today, let alone our own power, we must believe we have control of ourselves. Though we may allow our control to be limited or subjugated, it is completely our own to distribute.

We place the majority of our personal power within:

Work. Some of us delve out our precious time to employers that perpetuate the need for us to excel at menial tasks and succeed in things we are not passionate about. Unless you have a more positive work situation, you have little power in this position. Build it up or move on.

Home: A few of us allow our self-worth to be determined by the status of “success” in our relationships with family, friends, or significant others. We’re practically handing away our power, free-of-charge, in these situations. We do things to make these people happy or to appreciate us more and sometimes feel underappreciated or like we didn’t enjoy enough time together. We almost always want more time with our favorite people. We may become so involved with our relationships we can’t balance our other priorities and our power levels decrease even more.

Social networking: We have an overabundance of power in these situations. We can creep on anyone we’d like, usually, and that doesn’t usually have a positive outcome… because, though we may be enjoying a few of our favorite feeds, we’re also probably comparing our lives and appearances to those on our friends list. Negatively or positively doesn’t matter because all in all, we’re in the powerful position of judgment on social media. Positive things don’t come from spending all your time thinking about how horrible Pamela’s pictures turn out.

Just ask yourself the following:

What do I want now? What makes me happiest? What can I do to obtain and attain these things?

Through manifestation, we are able to put aside most, if not all, of the guess work in our daily lives. By accessing the strength we often hide away for moments of crisis, we can achieve great things in our lives.

Being symbiotic organisms we, as distasteful as it may sound, function similarly to viruses in terms of how we conduct ourselves. If we’re happy people, we generally want those around us to be happy people too, so we’re more willing to make this happen.

Some of us forget that those we place in positions of power deal with insecurities as well. When we allow these negative aspects free reign in our lives we, ourselves, end up becoming the contagion that infects our worlds with negativity. We spread this to our work environment, then bring that back into our home, and watch the destruction rain down on us through a sieve-like umbrella. All because we lack the will and the know-how to make the change in our lives that each of us truly desires.

The snares of the world are easy to fall into if you’re not careful because if Captain Barbosa taught me anything, “here, there be monsters.”

Some keys for avoiding negative thinking:

Don’t wallow. I know it’s tempting at times to just lay in bed with the covers over your head, but don’t give in on those days. Strike out on the adventure that is your life! Make the lesson to be learned the key element to any bad situation. Learn from past mistakes and press forward.

Face fear. We all have our little hang-ups. Could be heights, snakes, spiders, rejection, failure, it doesn’t matter. It could be any fear, the thing to remember is, don’t let it rule you. You make your choices. You are the one in charge of how things affect you even if you can’t control what affects you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Learning and discovery are key elements to a life full of pleasure. Being open to learning and trying something new will open new horizons for your life now and later.

Forget about failure. Be strong and fail. Failure only means that you tried, you gave it your best shot, and didn’t succeed. Learn from it and next time you might succeed. Don’t let “maybe” hold you back. Keeping yourself in mind and the things that you want to achieve can be difficult, but it’s absolutely necessary! With work, kids, homework, husbands, wives… there seems to be a never-ending strain put on us.

Despite having a lot on your plate, learning to successfully manage your hectic schedules and still being able to find a moment of repose is important. Taking just ten minutes a day to look at yourself in the mirror and realize all the wonderful things that you have already (and will continue to) offer this world will give you strength.

Don’t body shame and compare. Don’t look at yourself as something disgusting, something unfit and unworthy for someone to admire. Every one of us has had those days where nothing fits, we are tired, and we just can’t deal with our bodies. But your body is special — no one in this world could carry it the way you can.

Wishing to change yourself to fit someone else’s standard, societies standard, or even your own is not a healthy wish. A healthy wish is to live the best life you can live, for yourself and your loved ones. This is the kind of wish that can be made into reality. Wishing to be a celebrity is just unrealistic unless you have a special talent and the willpower to get where you need to!

Don’t rely on others for your happiness. You will always be enough to make yourself happy; you know what makes you happiest. You can’t look to other to people for verification on how much your time, health, and heart are worth. Only you get to make that decision. You should make it higher daily.

If you’ve lost touch with who you were, think of this as an opportunity to become someone incredible and unique. Take advantage of your new determination and spend time getting to know your new self. When you discover it, realize that you are setting new goals for yourself. Your current job, money, living situation and outward appearance don’t determine your future worth. Allow yourself plenty of room to grow and learn, and experience all that you want out of your life. Positive, new beginnings will then manifest before your eyes.

Keep moving forward; let things go. If there is a day when you begin to feel your will to go on deflating like a balloon, then stop the leak. Take a few minutes to take stock of how much you’ve been doing to change things. Realize your worth is increasing with each step of progress you’ve made. These positive changes could also become your legacy.

Being able to let go of anger, hatred, biases, or vengeful thoughts over past wrongs is not only beneficial in aiding your manifestation for the life you do want, but it will decrease your levels of depression.

To achieve a positive, pleasant life, you must practive positive manifestation techniques. You are powerful. Your life can be as pleasant as you’re willing to make it. We believe in you, too.