All that’s wrong with Man United encompassed by Marcus Rashford’s antics after the Manchester derby

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Marcus Rashford did little to enhance his reputation in the Manchester derby at the weekend, Man United meekly surrendering to Pep Guardiola’s swashbucklers at Old Trafford.

It was a reminder of just how far the chasm is between United’s once noisy neighbours and themselves, and that’s unlikely to change for a few years yet.

There was no creativity or urgency from the Red Devils which is a damning indictment on Erik ten Hag’s squad.

Man City, a team that won it all last season, were by far the hungrier of the two teams and deserved to come away from the Theatre of Dreams with the three points.

The Dutch coach has certainly got a fight on his hands to keep his squad together and to turn them around from their current malaise.

How they’ve gone from the team they were just a few months after ten Hag took charge to the shell of an outfit they look at the moment is anyone’s guess, though Rashford’s antics in the wake of the derby hints at attitude issues.

Rather than keeping a low profile and digesting the magnitude of the defeat, the striker went out partying according to The Telegraph (subscription required).

Though the report does state that he turned up for training as normal and on time, going clubbing after a defeat to your biggest domestic rivals shows poor professionalism at best.

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  1. When will people see him for what he is. He now has his contract, gets picked every week regardless of effort, normally lack of effort and strolls around the park without putting in a single tackle, just strolls towards the ball but never tackles.
    All he is good for is begging of the Government.

  2. Your last comment about begging of the government doesn’t even make any sense. What he did to raise awareness was about the plight of families children who are poor was commendable putting the this government to shame. It is nothing do with football your las comment. He and his team mates and their attitude is a disgrace. Admittedly the team does have several injuries and and negative elements of players on good money with poor attitudes. Added with the the fiasco of the take over which is another negative element. Say they sack the manager who are they going to get. Who would want to manage this club with the leadership they have as owners and board. PPl are quick to judge the manager. However, last season he couldn’t do a thing wrong there is more to this than we know. One thing that I felt was very disgraceful and very unlike manutd was the manner in which treated David De Gea after 12 years service one of the the best keepers in the premiership and world. Regardless to some of his weakness he is manutd through and through and deserved to be treated better than he was.

  3. You’ll probably find,the mothers of those poor children you say he helped have the latest mobile phone,nails done,hair done all while their children go hungry. Why do you think he got so much attention and his MBE over Henderson saying the same thing? Yes you are right!!!!

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